The Pan-American Confederation of skating is advancing to series of trainings in the American continent with the firm purpose of strengthening the different disciplines, careers and artistic, and with a view to the participation of the skaters in the international commitments that will be made in the 2018 season, between they are the South American Games of Cochabamba, The Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla and the Olympic Games of the Youth in Buenos Aires.

CAPACITACIÓN BOLIVIA 18.jpgWith respect to the South American games, Judge Carlos Enrique Paredes and coach Anwar Cardenas, both with extensive international experience, were in charge of a theoretical-practical seminar on skating technique and judging of speed skating in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Enrique Rosales, member of the provisional commission of the Bolivian Federation of Skating, expressed his thanks to Alberto Herrera Ayala, president of the Pan-American Confederation of Skating and the Colombian Skating Federation, indicating that “people are very motivated and judging committee is being created. Little by little and thanks to your support and the human quality of the people with whom we are putting in contact with us for structuring and giving shape to skating in our country. There are many challenges that arise, but we are very motivated to face them. Without support, from the Pan-American Skating Confederation and the Authorities as the ones in charge of this training, none of this would be possible".



ANNICK EN PARAGUAY 01.jpgMeanwhile, the Colombian Annick Taverniers, member of the technical skating committee of the World Skate, and director of the technical commission of the Pan American Skating Confederation, who was invited by the president of the Paraguayan Confederation of Skating, Lorena Veiluva, presented in Asunción, Paraguay, a training around Rollart, a new system for judging the figure skating that will come into force as of 2019, but that is already being implemented in different championships in the World.



Buenos aires.jpgOn Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Colombian Ismael Ochoa, international judge of races and judge referee in the events of the World Skate, was invited by the Argentine Confederation of Skating to train the judges of that country taking into account the system of judging of the Youth Olympic Games who take place next October. This training allowed to bring the judges closer Argentineans to the ombium test, which includes 500, 1000 and 5000 meters elimination.


Continuing in Buenos Aires, Elias del Valle, coach of the Colombia National Team World champion races, and the national and international coach Orlando Yépez have been invited to Buenos Aires by the Argentine Confederation, and endorsed by the Pan-American Skating Confederation and the Colombian Skating Federation , for train national technicians in training programs for intermediate and elite categories, the seminar to be held between February 22 and 24.


Meanwhile, and moving to Central America, another international technician of Colombia, Álvaro Ramos, will be in charge of a program of masification and high level preparation for the skaters of careers in Costa Rica. Professor Ramos will be in charge of process of the selection of Costa Rica that will be participating in the Central American Skating Championship in the month of June and in the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla in the end of July. In the same way, this cooperation agreement signed between the Pan-American Skating Confederation, the Costa Rican Skating Federation and Allied Sports and the Colombian Skating Federation could be extended so that Alvaro Ramos coach also accompany the national team in the Pan American Careers to be held in November in Monterrey, Mexico, and which will be qualifying for the Pan American Games Lima 2019.



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