With the firm purpose of supporting Bolivia in the conformation of the skating federation of that country and to begin in the process of preparing skaters to participate in the Olympic cycle event and the world championships of the specialty, the Pan-American Skating Confederation, honoring the agreement signed with the provisional commission of the Bolivian Skating Federation, a process led by Mr. Enrique Rosales, commissioner to the international judge, Carlos Enrique Paredes, and the international skating coach, Anwar Cardenas, so that from February 7 to 14 a theoretical-practical seminar on technique and judging in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

This initiative aims to massify the skating of careers through a foundation that will be made to coaches, school directors, physical trainers and athletes, to replicate in their respective regions and thus achieve the development of Bolivian skating. Additionally, this agreement has among its objectives to carry out the 4 best Bolivian athletes, 2 men and 2 women, a preparation cycle in Colombian territory with a view to their participation in the South American Games of Cochabamba that are finalized the month of May.

Capacitacion2.jpgAdditionally, this training will allow Bolivian judges to acquire knowledge of the trial and the process that has been taking place around the changes that World Skate has implemented this season. Those who attend the theoretical seminar -practical, will have the opportunity to participate in the South American Games 2018 as trial assistants.



The president of the Pan-American Skating Confederation, Alberto Herrera Ayala, said that "this seminar is part of the training processes that the Confederation has been promoting throughout the continent, implementing action plans to consolidate strategic alliances that allow the preparation of the athletes who will be representing their countries, in this case Bolivia, in the different world events and the Olympic cycle. Similarly, it is very important that the advance of skating is supported by training around the new rules of Word Skate in terms of the judging system refers.

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